22 réflexions sur “3 684/365 – Le promeneur au parapluie sous la neige

    1. Thanks Frances
      I do not find it very clear because I had to quickly that he does not hear the trigger of emon box.
      But when I saw him walk in front of me, I let him overtake me and then went back to speed including the lamppost to give just that impression of romance.

  1. A fantastic composition with the person on the right with umbrella ?? and the lantern on the left, beautiful monochrome as well.

    1. Thank you
      It is true that it can bring to smile.
      The day I passed there there was a place that was being planned so people dressed well in costume etc … drivers and … umbrellas to protect all this beautiful little world from the snow.

    1. Hello Elaine
      Thank you
      when I saw him approaching I went diot; there is a photograph to take.
      Then when he passed me I had only a few seconds to turn around and take the photograph quickly so that all the elements are judiciously framed.
      Monochrome is my first try for snow and I like it a lot

    1. en fait le site etait privatisé pour un evenement special et beaucoup de gens en costume/cravate, chauffeurs etc se trouvaient donc présents pas loin.
      C’est l’un d’eux …
      Le reverbere , la neige … on pense bien sur au romantisme.

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