13 réflexions sur “3 659/365 – Noisiel ancienne chocolaterie Menier Voltmètre thermique

  1. Nice shot. I love the look of old gauges and meters (and tools). The were so well made and very often had some style too. So unlike much of today’s stuff that falls apart too soon or if it has a problem it can’t be repaired, you have to by another cheap replacement. That was the rant of an old man. 🙂

    1. Hello David
      these tools (machines) have not been used for many years but are fortunatelyentrezetenus for the pleasure of people who visit this former chocolate factory.
      I recognize that old tools (even small ones) were of much better quality than they are now.
      I still have some of my dad’s home and gardening tools at home and I must admit that, even if some of them seem obsolete, they are of irreproachable quality and always useful.

  2. Un engin que certains qualifierait maintenant de préhistorique ! Quand on pense que ce sont des ordinateurs qui remplace cet engin là désormais.

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